A Revolution is Afoot

Saturday, 2:50pm to 4:37pm

Ramblings of a weekly blogger...You can go out tonight if you write this weeks post right now.

You've already started it, you can do it. Knock it out, the party won't get started until you get there. I should take a nap if I'm going to a party.

I just drank coffee and I'm still tired, I need a nap. Napping's for pussies. "Siri, set a 25 minute timer." Napping's for pussies, power napping is how the pros get 'er done...I can't fall asleep, must be that coffee.

I'll just rest my eyes...Ah, up before the timer, that worked out better than I thought and I feel great. Now what?...Eat chips...chomp, chomp, chomp, mmmm, salty. Licking fingers, checking Facebook for the 10th time today, email...nope, no new email, pick a fight, no one around to do that with.

I wonder if anyone has played Word With Friends lately? I should check. Wondering about other things I haven't done yet...PT exercises, balancing my chakras, read up on spider...why did a spider bite me? That must mean something. Note to self, text people about why a spider bit my eye and look up spider in animal medicine books.

Saturday, 5:21pm. I finally get to writing

All of that happened during prime blog writing time. Sophia was napping for a chunk of it, Thomas was occupied with having a friend over, and Don was home waiting to take over when Sophia woke up. I was sitting pretty.

I share it with you because that's what this week's post is about Resistance. And Resistance commands the respect of getting a capital R, because it's a first class F*cker. 

I'm rereading The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield, any self respecting artist, healer, entrepreneur, anyone here feeling the call to do work that will make the world a better place needs to read this book. Like now.

EXCEPT, if you are already doing the work and you're doing it diligently, intently, and vehemently. In that case, don't look up from your work to read this book, because you've already got it. KEEEEEEEPPPPPP GOING!!!

I was reading this masterpiece of Resistance when I got bit by the inspiration bug and started writing notes on my iPhone, while I was sitting in a parking lot of a Conoco off of 36 waiting for my husband to drop off the kids. Consummate artists will pull of the side of the rode to capture something in Evernote, not knowing if that inspiration will come again. 

In my Evernote app, I keep my potential blog posts and I just started adding to the first one that opened up in the frenzy of trying to capture what was coming to me. It's all here in the raw for you just below. I'm starting with number 4, because I still think the rest of the list can stand alone as another post. The proficient weekly blogger cherishes the next blog post as much as the one she's already working on. 

mistakes that entrepreneurs are making that drive me nuts...

#4 They believe their rationalizations and don't do the work. (I'll add here that rationalizations are, in my book, the #1 form of Resistance.)

  • If you don't do the work, despite your dissolving relationship, you're exhaustion, not knowing where you'll physically see clients, the kids needing you...then who will?
  • Can the planet, creation, life continue on this trajectory without you and your work?
  • Are you willing to let the rise of the patriarchy win this war? That's right, this isn't a fucking battle anymore, this is Custard's Last Stand. This is the war!!!
  • I remind myself of that when people tell me, I'm not focusing where I should be; when they tell me, don't forget about my self-care; when they tell me, I should take a much needed break. They tell me that the blog will still be here tomorrow and next week, that the readership isn't going anywhere.
  • That's right, they're not going anywhere and that's why I write. It's why I write and it's why I keep crawling back and showing up, after wasting months on end succumbing to my Resistance. This is crazy, but people are reading my blog because they're in their own Resistance and listening to all of their rationalizations! 
  • STOP doing that!! Right now. Yes YOU! Get moving, even if it's the last thing you want to or can do, do it anyway!
  • When I tell you bringing your healing and your art into the world will heal people, actual real live other people, people you may very well be standing shoulder to shoulder with at the check out line in the grocery store, what you need to grasp is that those people have families, and neighbors, and communities.
  • Each healed person is a newly planted seed within each of those families and communities. We can't stop! There are currently 7.5 billion seeds that need planting, we have to get busy.
  • In the year 2050, my daughter will be 38 and my son, 45. Pretty much where I'm at in my life right now. They may likely have kids of their own by then too. The planet will have 9 billion other souls on it too by then and guess what? There will not be enough room on this planet to handle the 70% increase in agriculture required to feed a third more mouths. Yes, you read that right...NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR FOOD! 
  • Rationalizations: You don't know what to do and you spend time, waste time, worrying about what will happen to your life if you don't figure out what to do in order to live your dream...

That's where I trickled off. Don came and dropped off the kids and it was time to head home. I was trying to finish off there with a list of rationalizations.

But here goes. This post is too important for perfection, yet another rationalization...I should format this for readability before I send it to my list. I should chill out on some of the language before I let it go public. I should dial it back, because it's too much. It needs...

Rationalizations, are a bitch. They are killing dreams, they are wasting precious moments, they are hurting all of us. I'm leaving this post as it is, because I believe it. All of it. I may still screw it up. I'll get it wrong and open up my Facebook app before I work on what I believe might change the world. And I'll nap, just because. I'm not perfect. I don't pretend to be. 

Join the Revolution!

But I believe in my revolution Revolution, that get's a capital R too. My Revolution is about recruiting as many of you that are out there that have dreams, know how terrible your life will feel and look like if you don't fulfill them, and are ready, willing, and able to do the work required of you.

My Revolution exists because it's my way of contributing to the higher consciousness that I believe, is essential to the healing of our planet. My children's future home depends on the success of this.

Are you with me? Will you help me give the double bird to our Resistance and Rationalizations? Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and share the shit out of this post if you believe in it too!

Saturday, 6:25pm

Drop. mic.